The first issue of Pittsburgh Poetry Houses is available for purchase!

You can purchase Issue 1 here for $6. This is such a cool project!

poems by: Ellen Achilles Kombiyil, Michalle Gould, Angele Ellis, Margot Douaihy, Anna Leahy, Scott Thomas Outlar, Kelly Scarff, Meghan Tutolo, Jennifer MacBain-stephens, Arlene Weiner, Leah Mueller, Erin Taylor, Miriam Bird Greenberg, Shannon Sankey, Tammy Bendetti, Robin Turner.




I’m so thrilled to have poems accepted at The Birds We Piled Loosely. I love them.

The Birds We Piled Loosely




Thanks Prairie Schooner for mentioning my review of Angela Veronica Wong’s “25 Little Red Poems” up at The Infoxicated Corner in their Poetry News in Review section!

Prairie Schooner: Poetry News in Review


My “hotel movie” poems went up at Queen Mob’s Teahouse today.

This is one of my favorite

You can read the poems here: Misfit Documents


Issue Tre of Alyss is up. I have a poem in it along with the uncompromising E. Kristin Anderson.

Prose Predatory Thinking by Penny Montague Unfamiliar Skin by Erin Slaughter Poetry Sugar water, ugly bird by E. Kristin Anderson This Morning by Prerna Bakshi diaries of a grinded battalion by Far…

Source: Issue Tre


I’m really thrilled to have poems accepted by Queen Mob’s Teahouse “misfit documents.” Poems will be up March 8th!


Queen Mob’s Teahouse